Laundry Day

19 08 2010

Click to view the full image – I forgot that I ought to do the pages the other way…


A Colorful Cast

7 04 2010

Apparently people smoke crack on pennies.  I guess if you don’t care about your body to the extent that you smoke crack then you don’t care that, as our mothers always told us, money is dirty.  We keep finding crack pennies around the hotel and bar so we think that the crack fiend is also most likely the thief.  I am serious,  I’m a great judge of character.  If I don’t like someone, fire them.  Meanwhile, I need to get more intimidating so that kicking people out of the bar is easier.

Monday’s comic. On Tuesday.

7 04 2010

This comic had so much potential, but I got interrupted by that pesky paid employment and finished this in the wee hours of the morning with sleep tugging at my motor skills.  Damn you sleepiness!

Easter Weekend Fri-Sun

5 04 2010

I didn’t think about what to do for weekends until it hit me that updating on the weekends is not the hip thing to do.  Then I thought I’d give everyone a real treat and update around midnight on the cusp of Sunday and Monday, but that didn’t happen.  Then I went to work and then I had scanner troubles and now it’s already after work on Monday!  So I’m going to post this weekend blob in time for Tuesday readers, then lump Monday/Tuesday for this week only.  Exciting?  Or maybe I’m supposed to express this to you in my Monday comic?  Oh dear.  It’s getting a little too meta for me.

An Elaborate Ruse

1 04 2010

Yes, Mom, I promise to tell you before I post it on facebook when I actually get engaged.

April Fools!  My friend Candice posted that her husband got a job in Barrow, so they’d be moving in four weeks.  Candice has a great job and is a fellow feminist, so I was outraged that she would give up her great job for the sake of her husband transferring, and she probably has the higher paying job.  Then it hit me: APRIL FOOLS DAY.  Then I realized that I had the perfect ploy of my own.  With some trickery, relatively little effort and a little cooperation, I managed to convince a huge number of people that I was actually engaged.  My mom called to find out.  My best friends from college, from high school, even.  People I hadn’t talked to in years came out of the woodwork to congratulate me.  I kind of feel like a douchebag letting everyone know that the ring cost $20 and that it was all just an elaborate ruse.  Oh well, I think this makes for the most interesting daily comic to date!

The Secret Lives (Sort of)

1 04 2010

One of the few interesting days involving sobriety.

Today was SOOOO busy.  Sort of.  I could have done more if I were a more efficient and productive person, but I’m not.  I played in politics again for a day and I also FINALLY got my Alaska Driver’s License on my 4th visit to the DMV.  They require so much!  I also almost failed the written test but got lucky in the end.  I received a very nice compliment when someone called me “the pretty one” and said she always remembered me.  I guess if a person only sees me at special events/on the day I get an ID photo taken, they might get that absurd impression.

Two things:

I misspelled something.  I wrote “By” instead of “Bye” but I’m too lazy to fix it.

It’s possible to view this in a size larger than what it was drawn in – you can see everything so close it looks terrible.  It’s sort of like magnifying mirrors that show you EVERY SINGLE PORE.  You don’t want to do that.  So, I hope you have a bigger computer screen than I do, so you don’t have to click to the bigger image to read this crap.

No, My Name’s Not Bartender

31 03 2010

What? Never here? Still have to pay your tab...

Day three!  I still can’t draw myself.  I also kind of suck at drawing other people, especially at tables.  They are not all tall tables, nor are they all little people.  That’s just another thing to work on.  I suppose if I spent more than the last hour of every day drawing a full page of comics, maybe I’d do a better job.  Whatever.  It’s CHARMING and QUIRKY.