About these crappy web-comics:

I started making webcomics when I was working on a campaign, spending hours and hours on the phone talking with angry republicans.  I used to doodle on scrap paper but later realized that my creativity could be shared with the world if I made a webcomic.  From humble beginnings with MS Paint, I have continued to make comics and share some art from the outside.

I try to update every Friday so you can leave work and go home on a positive note.  Unless my comic is depressing.  Then, well, you can go home on that note.

Summer ’09 update:

After some ups and downs with inspiration and motivation,  I’m collaborating with a friend on a project and have continued to develop my “style.”  I am also doing this thing called a “schedule” though I sometimes lapse.  Please stick around because things will only get better.

December ’08 update:

As some of you may have noticed, and few may have mourned, I have gotten my hands on a Tablet PC and a program a bit more sophisticated than MS Paint.  By request, I will still include some crappy MS Paint comics, but you may be seeing more of a mediocre quality comic at present, possibly a top quality comic in the future.

Early fall update:

With my current limited time and very limited resources, you get to look at awesome MS Paint web comics done with a finger pad instead of a mouse.  AWESOME!

I think I can safely call these comics auto-biographical.  Semi-auto-biographical.  Since I do still have both ears.

If you think I am an amaaaaazing artist, you should link to this page so I can feel like an accomplished web-comic-er.


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16 10 2008

Oh my darling Schatzi, if only I could get away with linking my magazine’s blog to your blog. Then maybe my days wouldn’t feel so much like Office Space.

16 10 2008

So long as we can avoid unspeakably violent acts on office equipment, we can know that we have remained civilised (I used the British spelling since it seems more civilised).

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