A Colorful Cast

7 04 2010

Apparently people smoke crack on pennies.  I guess if you don’t care about your body to the extent that you smoke crack then you don’t care that, as our mothers always told us, money is dirty.  We keep finding crack pennies around the hotel and bar so we think that the crack fiend is also most likely the thief.  I am serious,  I’m a great judge of character.  If I don’t like someone, fire them.  Meanwhile, I need to get more intimidating so that kicking people out of the bar is easier.




3 responses

8 04 2010

i like the color! fancy-smance!

22 02 2011

people dont smoke crack on pennies. they use pennies to scrape the rocks out of the spoon where they are rocking up coke.. presumeabley into a crack pipe or tin can……if you were wondering…….

22 02 2011
Melissa Leeanne

And a shooting star blazed across the screen with the words “The more you know” in its trail.

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