The Secret Lives (Sort of)

1 04 2010

One of the few interesting days involving sobriety.

Today was SOOOO busy.  Sort of.  I could have done more if I were a more efficient and productive person, but I’m not.  I played in politics again for a day and I also FINALLY got my Alaska Driver’s License on my 4th visit to the DMV.  They require so much!  I also almost failed the written test but got lucky in the end.  I received a very nice compliment when someone called me “the pretty one” and said she always remembered me.  I guess if a person only sees me at special events/on the day I get an ID photo taken, they might get that absurd impression.

Two things:

I misspelled something.  I wrote “By” instead of “Bye” but I’m too lazy to fix it.

It’s possible to view this in a size larger than what it was drawn in – you can see everything so close it looks terrible.  It’s sort of like magnifying mirrors that show you EVERY SINGLE PORE.  You don’t want to do that.  So, I hope you have a bigger computer screen than I do, so you don’t have to click to the bigger image to read this crap.




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