An Elaborate Ruse

1 04 2010

Yes, Mom, I promise to tell you before I post it on facebook when I actually get engaged.

April Fools!  My friend Candice posted that her husband got a job in Barrow, so they’d be moving in four weeks.  Candice has a great job and is a fellow feminist, so I was outraged that she would give up her great job for the sake of her husband transferring, and she probably has the higher paying job.  Then it hit me: APRIL FOOLS DAY.  Then I realized that I had the perfect ploy of my own.  With some trickery, relatively little effort and a little cooperation, I managed to convince a huge number of people that I was actually engaged.  My mom called to find out.  My best friends from college, from high school, even.  People I hadn’t talked to in years came out of the woodwork to congratulate me.  I kind of feel like a douchebag letting everyone know that the ring cost $20 and that it was all just an elaborate ruse.  Oh well, I think this makes for the most interesting daily comic to date!




One response

2 04 2010

You pulled it off wonderfully! Much better than mine.

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