Apparently some of you care…

30 09 2009

Sorry for the lack of updating. I’m going to try hard to get one out soon, as the masses have spoken and they are not happy.

Chris asked, “When do I get to see another comic?”

Jessica said, “Update your damn webcomic, whore!”

In my defense, I have always been a big slacker. No, wait, that’s not a good defense… My sister got married and I’ve been working as many as 3 jobs! Ouch.

Thanks to my motivators though, I need it sometimes.



P.S. Here’s a few seconds of blasphemy courtesy of a fellow Twitter-er.

Sorry there’s no pretty picture on this page right now.  I’ll get right on it.


Jesus Stole My Girlfriend

14 09 2009

"Dad said so!!!"

The story starts here:

Jesus Stole My Girlfriend

4 09 2009

It's kind of annoying he won't do the dishes, says the wine won't clean the dishes well, like it's some Midas' touch thing.