Jesus Stole my Girlfriend

30 07 2009

I need at least five more beers.

Well, my faulty scheduling is your early Christmas.  Here’s page 1 of Jesus Stole my Girlfriend.  12 hours early.  Enjoy!


Jesus Stole my Girlfriend

28 07 2009



Story Arc!  Look forward to an ongoing story for the next several weeks.  The story is by Chris Peloso who makes the Tiny Ghosts comic and the art is, of course, by me.  I’ll start the actual story this Friday.  Tell all your friends!

No time for real comics…

24 07 2009
New tattoo???

New tattoo???

I’ve been crocheting and crafting like MAD and haven’t had inspiration for a real comic.  I have made about a zillion hats though.  And I made a sweet costume for the “Half-o-ween” party earlier this month.  Please enjoy this image of a tattoo I will never get but would laugh hysterically to see.


16 07 2009


Dating #4

15 07 2009
Yep, I'm mature.

Yep, I'm mature.

Sorry to miss a week and be late on another.  Combination of things – mainly that I’m lazy with my comics.  You’ll forgive me.  Next comic will be up on time.