The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

17 05 2009
I just wanna be your friend!

I just wanna be your friend!

They totally underestimated my geekiness.  It’s okay, I don’t like mean geeks anyway.  Then, when I am someday FAMOUS for my geeky inclinations, they can be jealous and wonder why they were such elitists.



I know I said I wouldn’t post for at least two weeks, but I had meant to post this one ages ago and messed up on scheduling it.  Now you get it when you weren’t expecting one!  It’s like Christmas in July or something.


Art Outside the Interweb #3

13 05 2009
Members of Little Black Rain Cloud Co., Travis and Libby

Members of Little Black Rain Cloud Co., Travis and Libby

This ink drawing went on posters to tell about the show Libby and Travis were playing at the bar I manage.

This is going to be the last comic I put up for at least two weeks, if not longer. I am going on vacation to NYC, hopefully DC, and Oregon to visit family. Then I’ll be driving the AlCan, an adventure in itself.

Bis dann,


Addendum: 6/10/2009

While tending bar on Saturday, one of the tattoo artists in town came into the bar and was talking to his female companion about this very flier and how he liked the drawing and the simplicity of the flier.  That made me happy.

The Non Profit League #1

11 05 2009
Saving the World!

Saving the World!

Meet the new Super Heroes poor college grads working as Americorps volunteers or underpaid as non-profit professionals! Saving the world every single day!

Comic Canceled on Account of… Sun.

1 05 2009

It’s sunny. I can’t bring myself to sit still at my tablet PC long enough to finish the comic I’ve been working on. It’s gonna be good though. I promise.

I’m also working on more art that isn’t on the computer. I’ll try to scan it in or something in the near future. Meanwhile – consider taking a walk down memory lane and looking at the old comics?

I’m going to Canada this weekend. Maybe I’ll be inspired.  Kate Beaton always makes good comics.