A Schedule?

2 04 2009

Oh, hi! 

Thanks for looking at my comics.  I was recently discussing webcomics with AK Robotics’ Pat and we talked about what might be BORING to many people, but to big nerds like us, it was thrilling.  Seriously. 

I’m going to try a SCHEDULE.  Now, keep in mind that I’m a poor, liberal arts grad, who works two jobs and has a horrible social media addiction.  Plus, sometimes I go to the gym or go on hikes or hang out with friends.  I think that means that my schedule will be ONCE A WEEK.  I think that, not including this week, my one day a week will be Friday.  I thought long and hard about this.  Here’s why I chose Friday: 

  1. I have two nights off in a row before Friday.  By late Thursday night, if I haven’t come up with a truly spectacular comic, you’ll at the very least get a crappy MS Paint-esque comic, which is, let’s face it, why you started reading this anyway.
  2. What better way to start one’s weekend than with a really super fantastic comic by me?
  3. Weekdays people still read comics and blogs and such things because they are probably still bored at their office desks trying to do anything in the world but actually work.

So, thanks for reading and please check every Friday to start off your weekend the right way. 






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