If I immaculately conceive, can I choose a better name than Jesus?

25 02 2009



South Beach Ken at Salvo – WOW!

25 02 2009




Yup – found these at Salvation Army.  Amazing.  No, I don’t think this will make little boys gay.  But it may make little gay boys flamboyant.

Making Comics is Hard

24 02 2009

Wow, sometimes I have the hardest time coming up with stuff. I have a lot of respect for artists who can post something every day. Do you guys have any ideas for a comic I could do? My own life is too boring to provide any inspiration right now.

See, not perfect!

22 02 2009



I promise I’ll make some more good ones.  Soon.

Miss P’s Metaphors for Life and Love: Pirates and Ninjas

22 02 2009



The original sketch actually had a comment about pirate costumes leaving less to the imagination.  Ahem.

Also, get out of jail free cards from Monopoly games.

22 02 2009


Update on Uploads

22 02 2009

Mmmkay.  I have sent WordPress support a message, pleading with them to fix my problem.  Until then, I shall upload some of my comics to another blog page (linked to my other blogging persona) and post the links here, so that people may look at comics anyway.  I hope to have matters cleared up soon so that I may resume posting comics as in the old days.  You know, earlier this month.