Field Organizer’s Nightmare #8

23 10 2008
MS Paint-vertise

MS Paint-vertise

I considered using this to Get out the Vote.  But we don’t have conga lines.  Also, when I converted from .bmp to .jpeg everyone converted to angry faces.  Nobody should look angry in a conga line!

I may have been inspired by the guys at Cyanide & Happiness.  They’ve done a handful of conga line comics in the past month.




One response

24 10 2008

I think Beastie Boys does your conga line one better, what with their Get Out and Vote concerts and all. I love you dearly, but I’m way more excited about seeing the Beastie Boys on Tuesday that I would be aboug conga-ing with you. Of course if you really love me you’ll fly over here and we could do both :)

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