Wasting time

23 11 2011

Instead of creating real art, I’ve been expending a lot of creative energy at my new(ish) job and, even more recently, I decided to participate in one of my guilty pleasures: Photoplasty on Cracked.com.

Without paying attention to the 550 pixel or die thing, I ended up making this masterpiece of time sucking, then I had to shrink it down and it wasn’t terribly readable. It didn’t get picked up, but it took me enough time that I didn’t want it to go completely to waste.

Since this is my place to dump every creative or ridiculous endeavor of a visual nature, here you go!


Technicolor Contemplations

18 09 2011

These were drawn earlier this year when, ironically, I loved my job(s). A bit more than a month later I was laid off and that’s when stuff got actually lame. I’m just about ready to start a new job, which should be pretty great. These were hand drawn with colored pencil. Special note: The dress in the last drawing was decorated in part by an adorable and sweet student, age 9.

Doodle-mania: Beispiel drei

23 02 2011

And if I rhyme, grab me a noose, for turning into Doctor Seuss.  Shit.  Maybe I can write children’s books if I can quit swearing so much.

P.S. If you click on it, you can see the full image instead of the world’s largest thumbnail.

Doodle-mania: Beispiel Zwei

22 02 2011

Example two of what happens when I am super bored.  Now, will I get to the point of having some level of consistency in thoughts or ideas expressed?  Find out tomorrow, but don’t expect consistency to coincide with sanity.

Doodlemania: Beispiel eins

21 02 2011

What is the best way to boost one’s creativity and motivation to produce artwork? Have everything else be super boring. This is example one of what happens when I’m in a tedious meeting.

In which I solve the problem of unemployment with fear…

10 09 2010

All the lonely people, where do they all come from?

21 08 2010

“I can’t vote for him because he’s from California.”  – Woman who is possibly insane